Maxel Hardy Compared To Nakamura, Sam Roberts Interviews SD Live Star, Bella Twins Hit Goal


Reby Hardy posted a tweet asking fans why they had been commenting Shinsuke on photos of Maxel Hardy and she was quickly informed of the comparison between the pair.

It turns out that fans think young Maxel has the look of Shinsuke Nakamura because of his hair flip. In a recent photo that Reby posted, Maxel Hardy has his hair just like Nakamura’s and Reby claimed she now gets it, finding it funny.

Sam Roberts Interviews SD Live Star

On this week’s episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Sam interviews WWE SmackDown Live star, Luke Harper.

The pair discusses Harper’s new movie, Mohawk as well as the Bludgeon Brothers and Harper hoping for a spot at WrestleMania this year. Interviews with Harper are fairly rare, making this an interesting listen.

Bella Twins Hit Goal

Whilst Nikki and Brie Bella have already celebrated hitting one million subscribers on their YouTube channel, an incredible achievement, today it has been made official by YouTube.

Brie Bella posted an Instagram story thanking YouTube for sending the twins the YouTube play button that channels receive when they reach the landmark moment.