McMahon’s Net Worth; Family Member Owes Them $25 Million


A joint filing reveals that the McMahon family worth is somewhere between $938 million and $1.1 billion dollars. Most of it is in stock ($782 million) and real estate. This had to become public knowledge with Linda being the head of the Small Business Administration.

The report also showed that Vince and Linda McMahon own an $8 million home in Greenwich, CT, a $3 million penthouse in Stamford, nearly $12 million stored in ten different bank accounts under Vince’s name, $25-$50 million in a Morgan Stanley money market account and $782 million in WWE stock. The couple also have properties in New York, Las Vegas and Boca Raton.

One shocking discovery is they’re owed $5-$25 million in loans by an unnamed family member.


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