Mensa Match Review #4

Today’s column will continue with CZW.

 The Rachies vs. VD (CZW: A New Beginning 2001)

The Rachies were indy vets Danny Rose & Adam Flash, while VD was Jon Dahmer & Eddie Valentine. This was strictly OK, with nothing to really distinguish it from any other indy match in any other indy promotion ever. There was a cute spot where a guy named Jeff Rocker (who’d been kicked out of both teams) interfered and everyone just stopped to beat the crap out of him. Not really much to say about this other than I hated the finish, but don’t really care enough about this series to get upset about it. Call it *3/4.

Joel Maximo vs. Quiet Storm (CZW: A New Beginning 2001)

This is a continuation of the SAT/Divine Storm series that CZW really ran into the ground. Eric Gargiulo, one of the worst announcers I’ve ever heard, actually has the balls to state that some people say Quiet Storm shows flashes of Dynamite Kid in the ring. I don’t even have the words for that one. This is not a bad match as they hit everything for the most part, but the stuff they do isn’t particularly interesting and you can see why Divine Storm faded from the business and why outside of Red, the SATs didn’t really do much. Without crazy tag spots they just don’t have anything to offer. While these guys are better suited for tags, I’d still go **1/4 I suppose.

Nick Berk vs. Boogalou (CZW: A New Beginning 2001)

This is Boogalou’s CZW debut and he shows nothing here. He was actually partnered with Homicide in the early days of ROH but I don’t know what happened to him. Berk was a regular on the Jersey indy scene around this time and he wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good enough to get past the level he wound up at. This match was just to put Berk over as a lead up to him reintroducing the Softcore Connection team at the next show. Yawn… *1/4.

Nick Mondo vs. Johnny Kashmere (CZW: A New Beginning 2001)

Kashmere was the worst half of the Backseat Boyz tag team that got some buzz on the indy circuit around this time. This is a poor man’s brawl as they do some stuff with tables and chairs that isn’t too exciting, and there’s a really stupid spot where Kashmere blinds Mondo with a smoke machine. They also blow a big spot towards the end as the parade of crap matches from this show continues on. I’d go *1/4 just because the finish looked good.

Nick Gage & Nate Hatred vs. Briscoe Brothers (CZW: A New Beginning 2001)

The Briscoes were still in high school here as Jay was only 17 and Mark 16. They’d go on to be stars with ROH but started their careers in CZW. The Briscoes showed a lot of potential even here and these two teams actually had a series of pretty good matches that no one really knows about since the IWC has never been too taken with CZW. Gage and Hatred do a good job playing bruisers and this match clicks pretty well. I wish they would’ve cut out the chairs and table stuff as it wasn’t needed here and took away from the match. This was still a solid ***1/2 though. Worth taking a look at for sure.