Mensa Match Reviews #11


Got some WCW  Fall Brawl ’93 today

2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell Vs Equalizer & Paul Orndorff (WCW: Fall Brawl 1993)- Equalizer was another in a long line of low rent Bruiser Brody rip-offs. He’s probably better known as Evad/Dave Sullivan who was one of the all-time most hated babyfaces in WCW history. Orndorff was a good fit in the midcard heel roll around this time and so the fans are way more into this than you’d think. Match isn’t too bad when Orndorff is in and drops when Equalizer is. This was just a filler match to keep Scorpio & Bagwell as viable tag challengers. *3/4

Ice Train Vs Shanghai Pierce (WCW: Fall Brawl 1993)- Ice Train was a big powerlifter type, similar to Mark Henry. He wasn’t very good, but actually lasted until like 97 or 98 I believe as WCW’s roster got super bloated around that time and he just kept hanging on. He’d go on to team with Scott Norton but never did much of note. I have nothing to say about this because it was just a squash to get him over, which failed. 1/2*

Nasty Boys Vs Arn Anderson & Paul Roma (WCW: Fall Brawl 1993)- This was for the WCW tag titles, and this was Missy Hyatt’s debut as the manager of the Nasty Boys. For some reason in 1993, WCW just gave out 30 minutes for tag title matches whether they needed it or not (they never did).  You may think “30 minutes is an awfully long time for a Nasty Boys match” and you’d in fact be right. Paul Roma is also an incredibly unlikeable babyface and so the crowd is actually split between the Nastys & the Horsemen, although Missy Hyatt gets most of the heat in the match. The first few minutes were OK, and the last few were good and there is a whole lotta nothin’ in between. *3/4

Cactus Jack Vs Yoshi Kwan (WCW: Fall Brawl 1993)- Kwan was Chris Champion doing a martial arts gimmick. Watching this I’m pretty sure Chris Champion has never even seen a guy doing actual martial arts let alone know how to do any. This was a (stupid) extension of the Jack/Vader feud which was pretty hot around this time. I don’t know why they didn’t have the sense to put Jack in the War Games match to keep the momentum going but its WCW. This match is really, really bad as everything Kwan does looks like someone doing a bad parody of a B-level Kung Fu movie. Went only 3 minutes and felt like 3 hours. ¼*

Rick Rude Vs Ric Flair (WCW: Fall Brawl 1993)- I remember seeing the results for this in my PWI almanac back in the day and being super pumped for it because I thought Rick Rude was the coolest heel ever. I pretty much imagined this to be an awesome heel vs heel match and unfortunately the reality is it’s a pretty dull match with Ric playing a super bland face to Rude’s lazy heel. Neither guy seems motivated, and at 30 min this is just a complete waste of time. I wish they would’ve done this as heel vs heel as I think the interviews alone would’ve been amazing. If you really want to see two pros dogging it for 30 min feel free to check this out, but for everyone else, skipping it is the best option. **1/4


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