Mensa Match Reviews #6


Gonna take a look at some WWE stuff this week…

Jeff Jarrett Vs D-Lo Brown (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- This was the opening match to the Rebellion PPV and it’s fine for an opener. D-Lo wasn’t bad but hardly a guy who was going to steal the show and Jarrett is the type of wrestler who can have great matches if he’s working against a great wrestler, but if he isn’t his matches are just decent. This match was helped a lot by being in the opening match slot as this show had a hot crowd for portions of it and they were pumped up enough that it made this match a lot easier to watch than it would’ve otherwise been.  This was basically a paint by the numbers match you could see on any wrestling show anywhere. **1/2

Godfather Vs Gangrel (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- On paper this looks horrible but it didn’t turn out too bad. Looking back at this time in the WWE, I’m actually amazed Gangrel lasted as long as he did. Other than a unique entrance and a relationship with Luna Vachon he brought nothing to the table. Godfather was like the Attitude-era Jim Duggan where he’d have short horrible matches that the crowd was into just because they liked the character. This didn’t totally suck, which is the highest praise I can give this match up. **

Val Venis Vs Mark Henry (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- Val is another guy like D-Lo Brown who wasn’t bad but was never going to steal the show. Mark Henry was bad enough at this point they weren’t even bother pushing him past the undercard despite his size; in fact he was more or less a comedy character at this point. They kept this super short, which was a good thing. *1/2

Ivory Vs Luna Vachon Vs Torri Vs Jacqueline (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- If you want to see a good woman’s match, check out Shayna Baszler Vs Colleen Schneider from Premier Wrestling, and don’t bother with this, as this was every horrible women’s match that was on every WWE PPV in the late 90s. I can’t even be bothered with this. DUD

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Chris Jericho Vs Road Dogg (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- They really wasted Jericho in his initial WWE run as they paired him up with people like Road Dogg. I actively watched the product around this time and Jericho’s debut was a huge deal and then just fizzled out, hell Mr. Hughes is his bodyguard here and I literally have no recollection of this once so ever and I watched every show WWE was cranking out at the time. Really until 2000 when they started cherry picking talent from ECW & WCW, the WWE undercard was pretty weak. This was fine at **1/4, but who really wants to waste their time watching this?

Chyna Vs Jeff Jarrett (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- Yes they did two Jeff Jarrett matches on one show, it’s like the precursor to the early years of TNA. I know this isn’t exactly a news flash but Chyna was absolutely horrible in the ring. I mean bad enough that Jarrett is practically wrestling himself here. I actually have a love-hate relationship with Jarrett in that there were periods where I loved watching him and there were periods when I hated watching him. While this match is horrible I did appreciate Jeff Jarrett’s willingness to bump all over for Chyna and try to make something of this. He didn’t succeed, but I don’t think anyone could really expect him too. DUD

No DQ: Kane Vs Big Show (WWE: Rebellion 1999)- These two had something like three bazillion matches against each other and all of them were horrible. Big Show actually seemed motivated here, throwing in a rare dropkick, which Kane didn’t bother to sell. I don’t know, I’m sure there is an audience that loves two really big dudes having terrible matches but I’m not it. The stip was just here to give them an out for the finish. I only wish I could’ve found an out from watching this match. *