Mensa Match Reviews: Shine 39 edition

Shine 39


Decided to do this as a whole show review since I didn’t have too much to say about the matches for the most part. Shine is an all women’s indy that is part of the WWN group that includes Evolve Wrestling. This is my first look at them and this wasn’t exactly what you’d call an impressive debut. Lots of horrible matches with generic women who didn’t seem to have much experience, or skill level. The Vanessa Kraven/Su Young hardcore match was especially awful. I mean it has to be one of the worst women’s matches I’ve ever seen. It was so bad I’d label it as one of those matches that sets the genre back by a few years. On the plus side the main event was good, and is the only thing worth watching from this show, which you can safely pass on.

Match List:

Kiera Hogan Vs Lindsay Snow *

Jessie Belle Smothers Vs Brandi Lauren *

Leva Bates Vs Stormie Lee *1/2

Malia Hosaka Vs Priscilla Kelly **

Raquel & Santana Vs BTY ***

Allysin Kay Vs Tessa Blanchard *1/2

Monster’s Ball: Su Young Vs Vanessa Kraven -*

Las Sicarias Vs C4 ***1/2

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