Michael Hayes Reportedly Suspended from WWE


Earlier we noted that Michael Hayes has not been around the company for sometime as he has been taking time off the road to handle some of his personal issues, however that doesn’t seem to be the case according to former creative writer, Court Bauer.

Bauer revealed on the most recent episode of the “Bauer and Pollock Podcast that Michael Hayes has been suspended indefinitely by World Wrestling Entertainment for offering alcoholic beverages to Rosa Mendes just days after she returned to the company after a stint in rehab for substance abuse. Officials were shocked at his actions and deemed it insensitive enough to suspend him indefinitely.

More Backstage News on Michael Hayes WWE Suspension….


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  1. Well that blows his chance to get into the WWE Hall of Fame in April, way to blow your chances Michael……Terry and Buddy are likely rolling in the graves.

      • Well….it took him 8 years to get into the HOF and the WWE wasn’t so strict on getting stars clean and healthy. It sucks for Hayes because The Freebirds deserved it badly….all 4 of em, including Garvin.

  2. The prick should’ve been let go years ago when he made those racist remarks about Mark Henry. He was a talented wrestler, but as a person, he seems to leave a lot to be desired.

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