Mick Foley Believes The WWE 24/7 Championship Will Catch On


WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about his recent WWE Raw appearance and the WWE 24/7 Championship.

Foley spoke about the design of the title, remembering people’s reactions to the Universal Title:

“The title design was the least of the issues. Look…no matter what you pull out…I was there with Stephanie ringside when we unveiled the Universal Title. So no matter what you pull out of there, unless it was that old hardcore title is gonna be met with some disinterest. It’s still kind of frustrating, not just frustrating but kind of terrifying when you realize they’re not buying what you’re selling.”

Foley also discussed why he agreed to come to Raw, what he would have changed and the fact that he believes the title will catch on eventually:

“I look back…I would have changed so many things. I wouldn’t have come out with a real serious intent when it’s going to be a humorous belt. But I will say…I get to pick and choose what I do…I could have declined, sometimes I do decline things because I want to make an impact when I come back. I do believe…I do believe it’s going to catch on.”

H/T to Rajah.com for the transcription.

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