Mick Foley Comments on The Rock’s Success in Hollywood


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley spoke with Mike Dunsmore of NBC Sports Radio about The Rock’s success in Hollywood and joked about being envious of him.

“I knew he could do it,” Foley said about the range of roles that Rock has been taking on. “I would tell people, ‘wait until he does romantic comedies and comedies.’ He’s a funny guy, [and] a likable guy, and that’s really shown through. I envy that he’s able to jump from high action huge thrillers to more subtle comedies and dramas. Yeah, I’m envious, I’m envious of The Rock, I’m not afraid to admit it.”

Foley also discussed the Attitude era, his toughest injuries, the success of today’s WWE superstars, loving today’s product and more.

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