Mick Foley Excited For Y2J’s WWE Return & Wyatt Feud

Mick Foley has posted a new Facebook blog entry, discussing the WWE return of Chris Jericho. Here is what he had to say…


Every once once in a while, I look at someone in WWE and think “oh, I could do something with this guy.” As many of you know, per doctor’s orders, I’ll never be in a situation to do anything physically in the ring again. But Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family are definitely people who give me that “oh I could do something with this” feeling.

Chris Jericho has that same mindset – but unlike me, he can actually act on those impulses; he can actually do something with those guys who have that certain “something”. that make you sit up and say “wow”. I was really fascinated last night at his ability to tell a story with just the most subtle of facial expressions. Hopefully, we’ll all be saying “wow” when we see these two monsters of the microphone trade verbal barbs on future episodes of WWE Monday Night Raw and #Smackdown.

What do you predict will come out of a potential Wyatt/Jericho feud? Could Jericho possibly call on a new WWE Superstar, or maybe even a past legend to help him out?

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