Mick Foley Names Two People That Should Be in the WWE HOF, Taking the YouPorn Plex, Bullet Club’s ‘All In’ Event, More


WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was the special guest on this week’s edition of Sean Waltman’s “X-Pac 12360”. You can watch the entire episode in the video player above or download it at this link. Android users can download the show at this link, and below are some highlights.

Mick Foley on GWF Helping Get Him a WCW Contract:

I did not know politically that you weren’t supposed to be working for both companies. Especially, since I was being featured on WCW in a program with Sting… Eventually, you know Magnum (TA) said we need you to make a choice… And they offered me a pretty standard contract, you know. It was kind of the carrot, you know? That next year it will be more. I just looked at him and said, Magnum you’ve seen the way I wrestle? There might not be a next year… It was not a secret, it was $3,000 a week, which was all the money in the world to me. It made a world of difference. It allowed me to have a family and you know, get a mortgage. And who knows if it hadn’t been for GWF, I don’t know if I would’ve had the confidence to ask for more money right out of the gate.

On Why Vader and Chyna Should Be In The WWE HOF:

We could go around and around because obviously there are dozens of people who are deserving and it’s a pretty subjective Hall. It’s not like the Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s based on statistics and you know things that are very objective. But,  I think when you look at the contributions Leon (Vader) made you know; with WWE being probably the least impressive run he had. But, I think that’s only because people were in his ear and it was pre-Attitude Era, where he wasn’t really allowed to be the Vader that had struck fear into the hearts of enhancement workers around the country.  And I thought he was a dominant performer who drew more money than just about anybody in his era around the world. And the thing is, it would mean so much to him. He just had an operation on his heart and I mentioned it to Vince (McMahon) last year that I wished he’d consider it sooner rather than later because I know how much it would mean to him (Vader). For Joanie (Chyna), I love the fact that she is mentioned on WWE, that they show her in videos and I hope it’s a sign that one day she’ll be in.

On Joey Ryan and Taking the YouPorn Plex:

The funny thing to me was that Jim Cornette said, “Mick’s too nice. He needs to learn to say no.”

Does he think this was not my idea? …I said, Joey if I went for a mandible claw, could you do a leapfrog high enough? And the guys pop, oh that writes itself. We used a little bit of power, so I didn’t know who it was tapping me on the shoulder. He leapfrogged it and the rest is history. So, not only did he flip me but prior to flipping me literally knocked ten people, like guys are taking bumps over the top rope and it’s ludicrous. If this was the old day’s studio wrestling or wherever it was, you can make people laugh. You could be the butt of the joke and the next week you come out as the vicious heel and get some heat and you put that aura of fear back into people because they’ve had a chance to laugh at you… It’s supposed to be fun and I didn’t see any harm in it. I see Joey’s gimmick and its funny. The crazy thing is, it’s not offensive and kids love it.

On Bullet Club’s “All In” event:

I spent a few hours writing about it, I got hundreds of comments so many touched on the same thing which was “These guys have made watching wrestling fun again”. It wasn’t like when I was at the show people were anti-Mick Foley they were fans of mine as well. I think they were fans who lost touch, then found something else they loved about it. One thing I love about the business is, one size fits all.

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