Mick Foley Says WWE Has 10 Weeks to Make Things Right for It’s Audience

Mick Foley has posted a followup to his earlier Facebook entry, this time thanking fans for their support. Foley also mentions that he was not trying to knock on Dave Batista for his Royal Rumble victory. You can read the entry below:

“I honestly never expected the type of attention that both my tweet and my Facebook post about my displeasure with the Royal Rumble would bring. I was just expressing an opinion, and it seemed to be in line with what many of you had on your mind last night as well. The response on both Twitter and Facebook dwarfed anything I’d received in the past, and I hope WWE will recognize this unprecedented response as a sign that a little tweaking might be needed in order to save this Wrestlemania from the prospect of 75,000 people booing, turning their backs, or walking out of its main event.

Last night’s comments were not meant as a knock on Dave Bautista. I like and respect Dave, and am proud of what he’s accomplished both inside and outside the ring. But Dave is intense, and unlikely to handle a heated 50/50 crowd with the same wink and a nod that has served John Cena – WWE Universe so well. Besides, we’re not looking at a spirited 50/50 response at Mania; we’re looking at the potential of something akin to a mutiny – and I think Dave deserves better than that.

On the bright side, WWE has 10 weeks to make this thing right for its loyal audience – and the potential to make this Wrestlemania the most talked about and interesting of them all. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. But unless Daniel Bryan is involved, that way just doesn’t seem possible to this particular wrestling fan.”

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  • allan

    ya i honestly think the wwe universe is gonna drive batista to quit, he cant take s***

    • Negatist

      Batista is a bad-tempered individual. I noticed on RAW that he can’t take ANY reaction other than what he was expecting. He can’t handle the crowd like Cena can. His days are numbered.

      • Mikeyxbox

        Yeah he really is one mean spirited person. Didn’t take much and he was irate at the crowd. Very unprofessional, especially considering the money he is earning for a limited schedule.

  • Douglas Marinosci

    Dave Batista does not seem happy at all. I think he’d be better served as a heel. Lets face it he cant handle the Yes chants and the Daniel Bryan chants, its not Dave’s fault, this has been mishandled since day 1 by HHH. Daniel Bryan is the Stone cold of this era and WWE is trying to ignore it.

    • Negatist

      HHH is a complete prick. We’re looking at not just a “so-so WrestleMania” as Gene Okerlund described one of the WrestleManias… no… we’re looking at a potential doomsday WrestleMania. The tease on Lesnar vs Batista or Orton, turning into Lesnar dismantling the Rhodes brothers was, to say the least, distasteful. The psychology that is being employed on the WWE Universe could work against WWE at the grandest stage of them all this year. That would be something else, let me tell you.

      • Taylor

        hey i love brock (as you can tell by my profile pic) but him coming out and destroying both cody rhodes and goldust was just pointless. even i had a “what the f-ck” look on my face

  • Mikeyxbox

    I am a huge DB fan. That being said, he needs to either remove or alter his German suplex in his move set. I don’t want to see anyone get a serious neck injury. Another close call again last night with Seth Rollins.

  • Rob Damovieguy

    Batista was mainly known as a self centered what was Lex Luger’s WWE original name called The Narcissist, he was that way when he was Devon Dudley’s Bodyguard. Vince always liked Batista because of his physical nature, and it did was allow all of it to go to Dave’s big head. It was not HHH that agreed to bring Batista back, it was Vince’s decision to bring Dave back, but i guess we will see how it goes, They can put Dave’s shot on the line at elimination chamber if worse comes to worst