Mick Foley Shares His Thoughts on CM Punk’s WWE Departure


– Mick Foley posted the above video last night discussing his thoughts on CM Punk leaving WWE. Foley says he’s known Punk has been frustrated for some time so it’s not surprising. Foley says Punk’s honesty has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and he has people that don’t like him. Foley says the sky should have been the limit for Punk but it hasn’t been. Foley says he disagrees with some of the stuff WWE has booked Punk in. Punk told Foley before, “Once I’m done, I’m done.”

Foley says he plans on talking to Punk and advising him to go back. Foley mentions that he would love to see Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania XXX. Foley wishes Punk would come back and give a few classic matches before his contract expires.

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  1. One thing is Punk VS HHH from 5 years ago, but the HHH today is a lazy, laid back executive that forgot how wrestlers feel when they aren’t given chance to succeed, he probably forgot if it wasn’t for HBK leaving 15 years ago he wouldn’t be who he is today.

  2. Things are not going to change for CMP if he goes back. If he wants to be champ, he’ll have to go to TNA, ROH, Billy Corgan’s, or Jeff Jarret’s up-n-coming fed. Arrivederci!


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