Mick Foley Talks About Missing Kurt Angle In WWE


Mick Foley stated on Twitter that he missed seeing Kurt Angle inside the WWE ring–Angle appeared in a John Cena retrospective. Today, Foley published a blog on his Facebook page clamoring for the return of the Olympic Gold medalist to WWE.

“[Angle] was on the video for less than 20 seconds, but that was all it took to remind every long-time fan of what a huge part of WWE Kurt was,” wrote Foley. “I know he’s had an amazing career since leaving WWE, but if my own departure from WWE proved one thing, it’s that a good percentage of the WWE Universe only wants to see their WWE Superstars inside WWE. That’s not a knock on TNA. But while many enjoy Kurt on a regular basis on Thursdays, I just know a Kurt Angle return to WWE – whether it’s a one-time match, an extended run, or a very worthy induction into the WWE Hall of Fame – will be huge! I miss Kurt Angle in WWE…and, based and so do you.”

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  1. YES I DO – he went from being my second fav wrestler of all time (behind Piper – and I’m an 80’s kid so…) to being someone I never watched again.

  2. wow, Angle started in the “Attitude Era” and was amazing esp. with the milk incident with the corporation but i would have loved to see Angle vs. Goldberg, that would have been an interesting match..all n all he’s in great shape bumps here and there but im so happy for him and a long time fan…


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