Mickie James Comments on Changes in TNA & Pay Issues


Mickie James recently spoke with RVA Magazine about her current status with TNA Wrestling.

“I can’t really speak on my status right now. Honestly though, I’m not technically under contract with them right now. As far as TNA itself, I wasn’t at the last TV so I can’t speak on that. The company is in the midst of change obviously and that process of changing over.”

Mickie also touched base on recent changes and pay issues withing the organization.

“They’ve gone live on the road and they just brought in this new head of talent [John Gaburick] who was with WWE for twenty years or so. I feel like there’s good energy around it, but in the midst of change, people get scared and there’s a bit of that as well. It’s hard to really say. There were rumors and speculation about late paychecks, but my paycheck was never late. It’s not untrue though; I do know that was an issue with some of the people.”

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  1. There are rumors that John Gaburick was sent in by WWE to ruin Impact Wrestling, But I don’t believe it. John probably has good intentions.

    • The problem there is the upper management. Dixie is too starstruck by former WWE wrestlers she was never able to stand up to them and when she put Hogan in charge of creative she only made things worse. He put more attention on the Aces and 8s angle instead of pushing champions like Roode and Aries. When was the last time WWE buried it’s own champion in favor of a NWO rip-off angle? You could have staffed the TNA offices with the best people [ and there were some people there who knew what they were doing like Dutch Mantell ] but it doesn’t mean squat when the ditzy president of the company lets herself be bamboozled by the likes of Hogan and Kevin Nash, guys who were only in it for themselves and didn’t care about the effects their actions had on the company.


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