Mickie James Confirms What Happened In Her Raw Title Match With Asuka


WWE Superstar Mickie James recently sat down with Alex McCarthy at talkSPORT.com in order to clarify what happened in her recent match with Asuka over the Raw Women’s title.

The final seconds of the bout were steeped in controversy, at least before reports began to clear up an otherwise awkward situation. James was trapped in the champion’s signature hold when the referee mysteriously called for the bell without any visual confirmation of a pinfall or submission.

James confirmed reports from PWInsider.com and other outlets claiming that the ref stopped the match because those in charge thought she had possibly suffered a concussion. As it turns out, the future Hall of Famer is just really good at selling…

“In that moment it’s very hard for them to tell whether you are hurt or not. It can’t just be his call either. It must have been whoever thought I was hurt.

“They’re just trying to protect me and keep me safe because concussions are a real thing. What we do as a sport is very dangerous. So if somebody gets a concussion, not only can they not wrestle the rest of that match, but they could possibly never wrestle again depending on how bad it is, same with football.

“So we have to be careful with that and I get it. It was unfortunate for me and stinky, but I’m fine. My nose hurts a little bit from that knee lift, I’ll be honest.”