Mickie James Talks About Flying with the Title Belt, Leaving the Impact Zone, More


As noted yesterday, Mickie James sat down with Brandon Baxter for an interview. Here are some highlights.

What it’s like being outside the Impact Zone: “Oh my gosh, it’s incredible. It’s so incredible, because the live crowd. There’s nothing like a live crowd, for one, especially when it’s a live television crowd because they’re so into it. And it’s, five to 10 thousand people that you’re wrestling in front of and feeding off their energy. It’s incredible. Obviously we love the Impact Zone, but we as a company, as we’re growing and expanding, it’s cool to step outside and just be able to visit the world and bring the show on the road and just kind of show them what Impact Wrestling is all about.”

What she likes to take with her on the road: “I do have little trinkets. I’m a little bit of a hippie so I have my wisdom rock it goes with me, it’s always in my purse, wherever I go. That’s just me, being a hippie. Obviously my wrestling boots, end up going with me everywhere, because you just never know. We never really know what we’re doing until we get there. So you have to be prepared for pretty much anything. I like to have the championship in my bag, every time I go. Not necessarily right now, because I don’t [have one].”

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Flying with a championship belt: “The key is that you never check the championship. You always carry it on. So when you’re going through TSA it’s always a treat because for some reason they always like to pull it out and hold it way above their head [laughter], and throw it over their shoulder and put it across their waist; see what it looks like on them.”

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