Mickie James Talks About New Album, Fan Perception, Compares TNA to WWE & More


Mickie James spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights.

On her new album entitled Somebody’s Gonna Pay: So much has changed not only in my life, but in my career as well since the release of the first album. I wanted the album itself to represent and relate to that…I was getting such great songs, so I wanted to make sure the songs that I did write for the album measured up to these songs. I learned a lot from that first album, and I’m still learning.”

“I feel like this one is a little bit more rough around the edge. The first album I had written some of the songs on there, but I didn’t know who I was as much as a performer off stage and stylistically who I was. So I went more for the traditional style of country and what was playing on the radio. This time, with the people who were beside me and the changes in my life, I’m a little more fearless as far as breaking down boundaries and walls and not caring about what everyone as a whole thinks.”

On fan perception of the album: “I do hope that they do love it, but it was more about putting out music that I love, that I want to hear and hopefully that my fans want to hear. I’m trying to be a little more true to myself because I am a little rough around the edges. My story is different than a lot of people, so for me to stay in some type of mold that a female country artist is supposed to be is ridiculous because that is not who I am. With the right people behind me and guiding me and telling me it’s OK to be who I am. That’s what makes it different and me unique.”

“If nothing came of it, then that was fine. Music was always something I wanted to do. I was always passionate about it. I just didn’t know the first thing to begin on that road. So I took the songs to Nashville thinking that even if the album ended up on my mom’s coffee table and nothing comes of it, at least I did it. At least I can say I did it because it was the one thing in my life that I wanted to do but never have done. All these doors started to open.”

On comparing WWE and TNA: “I hate to compare the two companies, but I will say my schedule has been much lighter with TNA, giving me more time to work on that album. [TNA President] Dixie [Carter] has been super supportive. When I first got signed to TNA that was one of the things she wanted to embrace was music. Not a lot of people know this, but Dixie represented Tanya Tucker for 20 or so years I think. I don’t know the timeline, but she was working with her forever. So she comes from the country music world and knows how it works. She was able to lend a ton of advice and help me out as far as that aspect goes. TNA let me do my own music video and helped write my entrance music, which we added to the album as a bonus track for fun for all the wrestling fans.”

On her aspirations now that her album is completed: “I still have more stuff I want to do. I’ve accomplished a lot, but I haven’t accomplished everything. I would like to hold the knockouts championship for a respectable amount of time. That would be nice. I would like to perhaps win the knockouts tag team titles or in that avenue, but I don’t know what we are doing with those titles. I would love to go to Japan and wrestle there. I have a million and one things I really want to do.”

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