Mid-Atlantic Mayhem by Kyle Bowman










Mid-Atlantic Mayhem

By: Kyle Bowman


Let us begin with an introduction to what’s “right” and “wrong” in pro wrestling. Today’s wrestling isn’t being done “right”. Writing and over-production seems to be the “in thing”. What’s missing are the “sport side” of things, and the element of surprise, and unpredictability in its stories, and matches. Today seems to be more about writing and scripting and telling stories; as opposed to booking and “rasslin”. Whereas, in the glory days, the golden era; wrestling appeared more real; hard-hitting and inspiring the art of competition and emphasizing sport and athleticism. Now, we see Wrestling going Hollywood.

But fear not! One company has done it the right way. One company abides and adheres to the old-school mantras of tradition, honor and the established veterans who mold the business, shape the proverbial doors for the young blood to walk through.

AIWF, since its inception in 1992 has been working out of the Carolina area, and its home is in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The promotion is run by Rick Deezel, and President Tim Dolan. Rick Deezel also has AIWF Double DQ radio to find out more about AWIF and the like. The difference with AIWF, it’s NOT just your usual promotion, or typical one. They are very instrumental in a homegrown talent approach, with a family oriented product and production. AIWF is based on a product and in-ring action that exudes athleticism, chain-wrestling and the future of tomorrow.

Be sure to check out AIWF either live in person, or online for past matches and results. It is can’t-miss and you will be enthralled with our 22nd Anniversary show: “Headlock For Hunger” at 7:00 PM bell-time at 7:30. AIWF is in Mount Airy; North Carolina. See the established veterans and primed future stars such as: Justin Flash, Deimos, Jimmy Jannetty, Sgt. Striker, TJ Cannon and Phillip Stamper. Legends consist of: TR Superstar, JD Anderson, along with Rob McBride and much more!

January 14th 2014, a great way to kick off the New Year! This is year to save, revamp and revitalize pro wrestling. It starts with the ground-breaking AIWF. Be there!

Check out their matches, and other related information at: http://aiwfmidatlantic.com and or www.aiwf.net. We are also on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/aiwfwrestling .You can also find us and “LIKE” on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/aiwfwrestling


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