Micro Championship Wrestling Match With Armor-Clad Video Game CEO Ends in Stink Face


Wrestlers from the TV show Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW) recently tore down the boundary between video games and wrestling. The MCW wrestlers became characters in the video game AdventureQuest Worlds, and the game’s armored creator found himself battling his lifelong arch-rival in a “Stink-Face Match” inside a real-life wrestling ring. (Albeit, it was a ring meant for little people.)

YouTube Video of the Stick Face match

The story unfolded one Saturday, when the Micro Wrestlers of MCW were entertaining the 40,000+ attendees of the MegaCon Convention. The matches lived up to their catchphrase motto, “Half the size, twice the violence.” However, when they invited their sponsor, Artix, into the ring to talk about the special video game crossover event that just went live, things took an unexpected turn. Artix was wearing the iconic armor and red cape made popular from the video games AdventureQuest, DragonFable, MechQuest, OverSoul and his action figure at Toys”R”Us. Just as he took the bullhorn, he was brutally struck over the head and knocked down from behind with a suitcase. The assailant, who wore an expensive black suit, is known to video game players as Chairman Platinum, “The world’s most evil CEO.”

This was not the first time Chairman Platinum sabotaged Artix and his team of Game Developers. Last year, the Chairman and his goons conducted a “hostile takeover” of Artix’s entire game network during their 10th anniversary celebration. For a week, the Chairman’s black Hummer-Limo drove in circles around the Artix Entertainment headquarters as he hurled insults and posted threatening messages on YouTube.

Back in the ring, Artix got to his feet and the smack talk commenced. The exchange ultimately resulted in scheduling a special “Stink Face” match. Because Artix and Chairman Platinum were not allowed to fight in the ring, each was assigned a, MCW wrestler to manage. The losing manager would be forced to take a “Stink Face” by the 320lb, 3 foot-by-3 foot wrestler named, appropriately enough, Meatball.

Meanwhile, the entire Micro Championship Wrestling cast had just been drawn, animated, and programmed into the popular web-based video game, AdventureQuest Worlds. Over 150 million accounts have been created for the game. An entire new area was added into the game to feature the MCW wrestlers. Titled “Dwarves vs Giants,” the tournament-style adventure is still available in the game. Any MCW fans who have not played the event yet can still create their own free character and hop in the ring at www.AQ.com/MCW.

The secret match took place at 4pm on the same day, and footage from 5 separate fans was combined into a single video of the entire event. One fan, seeing the video game developers jump into the ring, said the whole thing was reminiscent of Andy Kaufman’s antics.

Chairman Platinum was managing MCW’s dark and spooky wrestler, Blixx. The villainous pair made the perfect evil duo. Blixx is like the Undertaker’s “mini me” with a touch of Marilyn Manson. While Blixx got a lot of love from from the crowd, the Chairman did not. He was wearing a personal “Championship Belt” made of $100 dollar bills and taunted the audience mercilessly. Nearly half the audience sported anti-Chairman propaganda and hurled a barage of bleep-worthy insults. A fan videotaping the event noted that one 10 year old boy in particular made half of the audio he recorded unusable.

Artix managed MCW’s “biggest micro wrestler,” Meatball. It appears Meatball had put on even more weight since his appearance on their TruTV reality series.

The match, as expected, was full of foul play by Chairman Platinum. The final straw broke when, as Meatball prepared to do his special move to pin Blixx, the Chairman pulled his legs out from under him. Meatball took a face full of the ring’s mat leaving both wrestlers immobilized. Unable to tolerate any more of the Chairman’s antics, Artix finally broke the rules. Jumping into the ring, he challenged the Chairman to hop in and finish the match personally. After reluctantly climbing over the rope, the world’s most evil CEO shocked everyone, showing that he still had a few tricks left up his sleeve. (He did not actually have sleeves, because he tore them off prior to the match.) Artix chased the Chairman around the ring until he caught the inside of his leg on the rope and was summarily beaten by another brief case. Meatball re-entered the ring and floored the Chairman Platinum with an uppercut to the groin. The managers rolled out of the ring as Meatball and Blixx squar
ed off fairly. Blixx jumped off the ropes, but Meatball caught him, body slammed him, and the referee counted to 3.

Upset with Blixx’s failure, the Chairman threw a tantrum and attempted one final assault on the victors. But before he could succeed, warnings from the crowd prevented the attack, and the Chairman got KO’d into the turnbuckle. When he came to, he opened his eyes to see Meatball drop his drawers and thrust his monstrous bare rear straight into his face. The audience was stunned in horror. Some sights… can never been unseen.

Fliers containing a special code for the event were being handed out at the convention. Artix got a tweet from a young AdventureQuest Worlds player that was sad he could not get one because he was sick and in a Children’s Hospital. After finding out the Hospital was in the same town, the entire MCW crew and Artix went to the Children’s Hospital to visit and give the player the code and signed posters in person.

The MCW video game event inside AdventureQuest Worlds can still be experienced at www.AQ.com/MCW

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