Mike Jackson Intends To End CM Punk’s UFC Career, Johnny Gargano Wraps Up Press Interviews


UFC star, Mike Jackson has been revealed as CM Punk’s next opponent and he was recently interviewed by Uproxx.com about the fight.

On how he wants the fight to end:

“Knocking him out. I mean, here’s the thing. Going into the Mickey Gall fight, well, not even the fight itself but just the whole experience. I was doing these interviews and I was telling people, “Look man, it doesn’t matter who fights him, myself or Mickey Gall, we’re both gonna win, it doesn’t matter. It’s just how we win and the impact.” I was telling people like Mickey Gall he’s a brown belt in jiu jitsu, as far as his striking, he hasn’t really been improving, but his strong suit and his base is in jujitsu, in the scramble. I was like, ‘Look Mickey is just gonna go in there, take him down and submit him and that’s gonna be the end of it.'”

The announcement being upstaged by Conor McGregor:

“You know, I can’t even really describe it, because it’s one of those things. It’s like, “Yeah, you were upstaged by Conor McGregor” but then at the same time it’s like, “You were upstaged by Conor McGregor.” It’s one of those. Just the way he did everything. Obviously, I’m sure people know about it right now, but I get it. I don’t agree with his methods of how he went about things. But, honestly I understand where he’s coming from. I understand his life and what people fail to understand is that a few years ago, Conor McGregor was poor. He was living on the streets, or he wasn’t in a financial stable place that he is now. And really what it comes down to is, at his heart, Conor McGregor is still a thug. Look, I love Conor, it’s not to say I don’t like what he does or anything. Actually, I’m a huge fan of Conor McGregor. I ended up doing my Ancestry.com DNA, come and find out I’m like 12% Irish, it really just works out for me.”

Making sure CM Punk doesn’t return:

“I’m going in there to make sure that he doesn’t come back. My whole thing behind this was that obviously, neither one of us deserve to be in the UFC. If you want to come into a sport where you have no experience in, you have to take the right path. He basically got to the UFC off of his name. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Do what you have to do. Just like Conor McGregor, you have to understand that there are consequences for your actions. The consequence that he’s going to face is me standing across the cage and I’m going in there to beat this guy up. I’m not going in there to just take him down, and submit him. I’m going in there to punish him and make sure he doesn’t step back in the cage. With that said, I have all the respect for him. There’s no ill will and I have no animosity toward him. I’m just here to prove a point.”

Johnny Gargano posted an update on his WrestleMania schedule, noting he had finished his morning interviews and got some time to check out WWE Axxess where he found his own shirt in the Superstore.

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