Mike Tenay & Taz Watching NFL Game During Impact Tapings


Apparently during TNA’s last set of tapings on Thursday night, Mike Tenay and Taz were watching the Jets vs. Patriots NFL game.

One of the fans in attendance sent a photo showing two monitors set up at the broadcast table, one that was showing Impact Wrestling and the other that was showing the NFL game. The two were watching the game throughout the entire two weeks worth of Impact tapings in St. Louis.

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  1. Anyone want to ask me how I think their pay preview went lol? I am being a little mean because they had some really good matches to be honest but they need more people. It’s boring seeing the same people every week. The guys wrestle their hearts out so I support them but who wants to see Beaver beat up Whitey every week?

  2. Christ, the best thing they could do is fire them both. Tenay is about as interesting as toast and Taz is a poor man’s version of heel Don West. My wife and I have had more excitement watching paint dry than listening to those two.

  3. How do you all think the boys in the TNA locker room are feeling right about now? Management keeps hyping everything that occurs in the OTHER company, and now the commentators can’t be bothered to watch their matches. Maybe some of these guys better start brushing up on their spanish or japanese and give either AAA or NEW JAPAN a call.

  4. The commentary and the product have to work together. It’s hard to entertain if you are thinking about where the ax will fall next. When I saw Ken get knocked out I knew his contract was ending. Thankfully he resigned. They need Jeff back right now.


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