Miss Tessmacher Comments on Working Out, Projects Outside of Wrestling & More


Miss Tessmacher was recently interviewed by Brooketess.com. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What are your other projects you’re currently working on other than TNA Wrestling? “I am working on a huge supplement sponsorship to become the face of the brand. I can’t let you in yet on who but looking forward to closing the deal with this wonderful company! Will be pretty exciting.”

Growing up, did you ever expect yourself to be where you are currently? “What I have accomplished and the path I chose for my career is definitely not where I saw myself. I wanted to be a veterinarian, nurse, or forensic scientist….. Hummm how did I get here again? Lol.”

Would you consider yourself a sex symbol? “Me a Sex symbol? Of course. I have cashed in my entire career using my looks and cute hiney Posted Image.”

What is your favorite workout to do at the gym? “Leg day is my absolute favorite. It’s killer but by far the most rewarding.”

What are three things you absolutely cannot leave home without? Huge smart water, my phone, my Dr. Dre Beats.”

Other than sleeping, what is your favorite thing to do on a long flight? “I never do much but sleep on a plane. I cover my head and curl up in a ball. Normally before I fly out I don’t get much sleep. If I can’t sleep I read or write.”

We know you hit the gym and rock out to various types of music. What are the top 3 songs you love to workout to? “I don’t have a top 3, I listen to Pandora while I train. Either Nicki Minaj, rock hits, or power rock and hip hop stations.”

Miss Tessmacher Has a FAT ASS a Bikini….


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