MITB Predictions (And More) Sure To Be Wrong

The superior brand is back on PPV this Sunday with the Money In The Bank event. This is a very popular event with the fans as they wait week after week until finally the briefcase is cashed in, usually crowning a new champion. We typically see the cash in after a hard fought match by the champion, or the champion in a vulnerable position after an attack. Its not much of a match, a minute or two, and that’s about it. This in and of itself is a very heel tactic. Therefore I’ve always felt it’s better to have a heel walk around gloating with the briefcase and then use questionable tactics on his way to the cash in.

I’ve gone on record about heels winning too much as of late. I hope WWE avoids this but it seems to me that the main event(s) are all going to heels.

All signs point to a Baron Corbin win and he is the prediction for me. If they decide to go with a babyface, I think it will be Shinsuke. I can’t see anyone else winning this. Baron will hold onto this briefcase until a Jinder Mahal loses the championship, possibly cashing in on the night Jinder loses it.

I see another heel walking away with this briefcase and it possibly the most unlikely competitor. I’m going with Carmella. The babyface that could take it is Becky but the pick is Carmella. I’d like to point out, however, that there are 6 male competitors in their match but only 5 females here. Enter Nikki Bella, if she shows up and gets in, that’s the pick. I also believe Nikki could possibly cash later on if this match goes on before the Women’s Championship match.

If Nikki comes back and wins MITB before this match, Lana is going to shock everyone and win and then Nikki will cash in on her. If Nikki doesn’t enter the MITB match Naomi should win. I think the women’s champion is in the most danger to get cashed in on on this show or shortly after. Officially, I will take Naomi with a small chance Carmella tries to cash in.

I don’t think WWE likes the idea of having 2 people running around with briefcases at the same time. And definitely not on the same show. Since I believe the Women’s briefcase will be cashed in sooner rather than later, I think the winner of this match is safe for the time being. Especially for the night because I think this match will go on before the MITB match itself. I’m expecting more shenanigans from the Singh Brothers and a count out or DQ finish to extend this out further with Orton reclaiming the title in the next match. Orton wins by DQ.

Hoping they can turn this into a good match. It’s too early to give the titles to New Day so the Uso’s are the pick. Probably the first in a 3 match series.

That’s how I’m seeing things break down at Money In the Bank 2017! Be sure to check out the No Gimmicks Podcast for a review of the show soon after it goes off the air.


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  • Anonymous

    Oh man please, please don’t have Carmella win. I have never seen a more terrible superstar in my 30 years of watching. I’d rather have awful Tamina win then see Carmella get any kind of push.

  • Anonymous

    Lana gets a title match? Has she ever wrestled a day in her life?