‘Miz & Mrs.’ Videos: Fantasy Football, Online Shopping, Marjo Learns To Swim


If you’re not watching the second season of the USA Network’s hit reality series Miz & Mrs., what are you even doing with your life?

This week’s show had a few different arcs, all centering around The Miz’s high-key obsession with drafting his numerous fantasy football teams. However, after getting into an argument with Maryse about her addiction to online shopping, an agreement to do all the shopping the good old-fashioned way found the former WWE Champion trying to draft one of his teams while also taking care of baby Monroe Sky and grocery shopping, all at the same time.

There’s also a hilarious scene where The Miz and Maryse attempt to teach Marjo how to swim, now that they have a pool and a small child. You can check out all the clips below, and catch up on the entire show on Hulu.