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MLW Kings of Colosseum Preview: Three World Title Matches, Has The Man Of 1,000 Deaths Risen?



Major League Wrestling kicks off 2021 in a big way this Wednesday, January 6 with a trio of world championship bouts headlining their second ever MLW Kings of Colosseum event.

Alexander Hammerstone will defend the MLW National Openweight Championship in his unprecedented TENTH defense of the title that he, and he alone, has held over the past 581 days (and counting). His opponent? The monstrous “Black Hand” of CONTRA Unit reborn at The Restart as Mads Krugger.

Another highly anticipated title bout will see the Young G.O.A.T. “Hot Fire” Myron Reed defend the MLW World Middleweight Championship against Lio Rush. Reed has been angling for this bout since the promotion returned to action, but Rush has continued to dodge his attempts since The Restart, demanding that the match take place on his schedule. It is highly unlikely these two won’t steal the show.

Selina de la Renta is also scheduled to return to the promotion on Wednesday night with a major surprise in store for the MLW audience. Given that she has spent the last few months attempting to resurrect the unholy terror of the Lucha Underground temple, Mil Muertes, we’re betting it has something to do with that.

Finally, the Von Erichs are back in action defending their tag team titles against The Dirty Blondes. As I am woefully out of the loop on MLW’s current tag team division, here’s a preview from a recent press release:

After Colonel Parker’s overtures to recruit the World Tag Team Champions for his new Stud Stable were rebuked, the legendary southern promoter reportedly went to work on politicking a title match. Knowing the league was focused on a third title fight, Parker saw his opportunity and successfully brokered the match with league officials.

The reigning World Tag Team Champions since November 2, 2019, Ross and Marshall Von Erich are the longest reigning tag team champions in league history. Recently, Col. Parker sent a “hospitality envoy” to Hawaii including his girlfriend, debutante Aria Blake. Evidently, it was returned to sender.

On a recent episode of MLW FUSION, Kevin Von Erich warned his sons of the suspicious practices of Parker as a promoter, labeling the southern blowhard as a “snake oil salesman.”  Now, Col. Parker looks to right the wrong by taking the Von Erichs’ prized titles at Kings of Colosseum in an anything goes Tornado tag team match.

MLW Kings of Colosseum will air this coming Wednesday night at 7:00 PM ET in the promotion’s usual timeslot on YouTube, Fubo Sports and The Roku Channel.

Match Card:

MLW World Middleweight Title Match
Myron Reed (c) vs. Lio Rush

MLW National Openweight Title Match
Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Mads Krugger

MLW Word Tag Team Title Match
The Von Erichs (c) vs. The Dirty Blondes

Grudge Match
Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch


Updated Schedule Of Weekly Professional Wrestling Television & Streaming Series



WWE Rumors & Wrestling News

Schedule effective Monday, April 12, 2021.


AEW Dark: Elevation
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: YouTube

ROH Wrestling TV
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: FITE

WWE Monday Night Raw
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Watch: USA Network


NWA Powerrr
Time: 6:05 PM ET
Watch: FITE

AEW Dark
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: YouTube

Time: 8:00 PM ET
Watch: Peacock


Limitless “The Road”
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: IWTV

MLW Fusion
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: YouTube

AEW Dynamite
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Watch: TNT


Time: 3:00 PM ET
Watch: Peacock

IMPACT Wrestling
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Watch: AXS and Twitch
*as of April 8, 2021


WWE Friday Night Smackdown
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Watch: FOX

WWE 205 Live
Time: 10:00 PM ET
Watch: Peacock

Time: 10:00 PM ET
Watch: NJPW World


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood
Time: 7:00 PM ET
Watch: FITE

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MLW FUSION Results (2/3): Baklei Brawl, Jordan Oliver Battles Sentai Death Squad, Tag Titles On The Line!



MLW Fusion

MLW FUSION #120 Results
February 3, 2021

— A recap is shown of Injustice posing as members of the Sentai Death Squad last week to gain a measure of revenge against CONTRA Unit.

— Myron Reed cuts a promo asking if the world forgot that they spent the fall of 2020 getting rid of the CONTRA problem and taking their masks. “Do we have your attention now?”

Jordan Oliver vs. Sentai Death Squad Member

Oliver comes out of the gate with a running dropkick shooting the unknown masked mercenary into the corner. A hesitation dropkick follows for two. He quickly jumps to the second rope and finds a springboard cutter for the quick victory. It looks like Oliver tweaked his ankle or knee at some point as he was limping after the match.

Winner: Jordan Oliver

— After the match a fired up Oliver sends a message to CONTRA. He says he’s not the same kid he was last year, and is now a solid 220 pounds. He tells Jacob Fatu to go back and watch what he just did in the ring, because he’s coming for that strap!

— Salina de la Renta sent in a message saying Savio Vega must feel like a failure after failing to bring back the Caribbean title to Puerto Rico. She knows times are tough and IWA must be lacking money during this pandemic. Salina claims that the new owner and operator of Promociones Dorado is a man of “deep pockets”, and they’ve made him an offer…

— Footage is shown of last week’s Caribbean Strap Match where Savio Vega was inches away from victory before the referee got in his way and basically gave Richard Holliday the win. The ref is none other than disgraced NBA official Tim Donaghy, who legitimately fixed games during his tenure and spent more than a year in federal prison.

MLW World Tag Team Title Match
Buku Dao & TJP vs. Los Parks (c)

L.A. Park and El Hijo del L.A. Park make their way out led by Salina de la Renta and a man who we are told is an associate of “El Jefe” who is protecting his investments. We still don’t know who the mysterious new owner of Promociones Dorado is.

The champions attack TJP before the bell rings and leave the newcomer alone in the ring. Dao locks up with El Hijo and tries to get some momentum going, but as soon as he gets in a few shots L.A. Park takes a cheap shot from the outside and double-teams the kid.

TJP rushes in and goes right after L.A. Park, brawling with him to the outside. The ref gets control of the match and sends all four guys back to their respective corners. El Hijo drops Dao with a short-arm lariat and they once again double-team him as the referee’s tunnel vision is fixed on not letting a rabid TJP get in the ring.

TJP eventually runs in, shoves his partner aside and lays in right hands to El Hijo. Things quickly turn into another wild brawl as we go to the floor. Los Parks drop Dao with a pair of big boots and whip him head-first into TJP.

Back in the ring TJP comes off the top rope with flying headscissors on L.A. Park. The champions bail outside but are met with a suicide dive and a tope con hilo from the challengers. Dao locks in a crossface on El Hijo while TJP puts papa in an octopus stretch, but L.A. Park falls into the others to break both holds.

L.A. rolls outside and TJP does a springboard dropkick to take him out. Back in the ring Dao connects with a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two-and-a-half. El Hijo comes back with a pair of dropkicks as a worried Salina directs traffic.

The referee goes to deal with a brawling TJP and L.A. Park on the outside. A third unidentified Park comes from under the ring and replaces El Hijo. Dao doesn’t realize and goes for the pin, only to get caught by a fresh competitor for the three-count.

Winners & Still Champions: Los Parks

— After the match a frustrated TJP shoves his protege over and walks out on him.

— Laredo Kid sends in a video calling out Lio Rush.

— Rush also sends in a video claiming he doesn’t know who Laredo is but he knows he has some gold, and Lio loves him some gold. He accepts the challenge on one condition: next week it’ll be an Interpromotional Title Fight, MLW Middleweight Champion vs AAA Cruiserweight Champion in the main event!

— Alex Hammerstone has arrived at an undisclosed location, apparently one of CONTRA Unit’s secret strongholds, for tonight’s main event.

Gino Medina vs. Gringo Loco

We start with a series of nice armdrags from both guys into a bit of chain grappling. They break even and Medina starts trash talking him in Spanish, kicking away a handshake attempt. He gets cocky and claims he can take Gringo down with one hand. He then manages to send Gringo flying doing exactly that.

Medina sends Gringo into the edge of the ring and rolls him back inside, laying in kicks all over the body. Gringo eventually trips him up and connects with a superkick. He follows with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope, just grazing his opponent for two. They both connect with enzuigiris and collapse.

Gringo once again goes to the top. He tries for another moonsault but Medina gets his boots up to block it. Snake Eyes into the corner. Gringo surprises him with a pinning combination, but Medina reverses it for the three-count.

Winner: Gino Medina

— The fighting between Gino and Gringo continues in the back after the match.

Baklei Brawl
Alex Hammerstone vs. Mads Kruger

Hammerstone is walking through the dark at some kind of industrial facility with a referee and the camera crew. Mads emerges from the shadows and the two immediately start swinging, bouncing each other off cement blocks, metal gates and various objects.

Kruger bites his opponent’s head and swings a gate into his face. Hammerstone fires back with some nasty forearms, and narrowly avoids a wooden pallet being thrown at him. More brawling.

Hammerstone whips him into a big recycling dumpster, then picks him up and does it again. He goes for the pin but… somehow in the darkness Kruger has been replaced with a smaller Kruger. The guy behind the camera keeps saying “we gotta get the f*** out of here!” The real Kruger comes out of nowhere and drops Hammerstone with a right hook.

And…. I guess that’s how our show is ending this week!

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MLW News: Second TV Series Reportedly In The Works, Mil Muertes Debuting



mlw fusion

New MLW show?

PWInsider reports that Major League Wrestling is working on a new, second television series.

ICM Partners, who represents MLW, is said to be in talks with networks for developing the program in English and Spanish languages. MLW’s primary show, Fusion, currently airs every Wednesday on YouTube, BeIN Sport, FuboTV, and the Roku Channel.

Mil Muertes debuts

MLW has confirmed that former Lucha Underground star Mil Muertes will debut on Fusion this Wednesday. His arrival was originally teased last month.

This week’s show will also feature The Von Erichs vs. Los Parks in a tornado match for the World Tag Team Championship with Tom Lawlor as the referee.

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