Monday’s Raw Rating Is In


Monday’s episode of Raw scored a 2.75 cable TV rating, which is down from the previous week;s 2.98 rating. Raw averaged 3.887 million viewers, down from last week’s 4.155 million viewers average.

Raw did 4.069 million first hour viewers, 3.951 million second hour viewers, and 3.643 million viewers for the final third hour.

On cable TV Monday night, Raw ranked #2 in overall viewers.

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  1. Its the the 3 minute start of a good match then suddenly goes to 10 minute advertising break so the fans miss what happens in the match while its on the break

    • it’s everything, all the story lines are weak, too much ads filler, even The King has stopped being funny, they need to go back to 2 hrs.

  2. It the same show last hour Hunter And Steph And he Shield and Orton Beat the crap out of someone. Everyone knows what going to happen, Need to Change the story line Vince


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