Monday’s Raw Rating & Viewership News

Monday’s episode of Raw scored a 2.95 cable TV rating, which is slightly down from last week’s 2.96 rating. The episode averaged 4.111 million viewers, down from an average of 4.178 million viewers the previous week.

Raw averaged 3.743 million viewers the first hour, 4.273 million the second, and 4.317 million viewers for the final third hour.

Raw ranked #2 in overall viewers Monday night behind behind “Major Crimes” on TNT, and ranked #1 in key male demos.

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  • it’s getting consistent viewership each week seems like.. I bet this Monday after Summerslam it’ll get its highest ratings ever, just so people can tune in to see who wins. It’s good that every hour it gained viewers.

    • allanmccann

      some weeks it loses viewers same with tna, ratings are kinda hard to tell whose watching the product when millions watch it over the internet illegally including myself

      • Idolizer

        There’s nothing “same” about TNA and WWE, so don’t use TNA in the same sentence as WWE. Brilliant move letting everyone know you watch the product illegally over the internet – you just made a target out of yourself. What a fool…

        • allanmccann

          ill mention tna with whatever the hell i want you dont tell people what to do whats wrong with you… stop being a negative asshole who attacks need help seriously.

      • Estimates are that PPVs streamed illegally account for about 10% of all PPV viewers. If SummerSlam garners 700,000 buys like usual, that means 780,000 people saw it, with about 80,000 illegal streams.

        Stream-watchers are non-existent for the TV shows, seeing as they’re available on Hulu for next to nothing a month and most people have cable with a dvr these days.

    • Raw’s highest rating ever is an 8.1, earned back in 1999. in the early 2000s, Raw averaged above a 5. And before SmackDown moved to SyFy, on UPN/MNTV/CW, it averaged above a 3 for many years.

      Best rating ever? Seriously doubtful. The Rock got 2,5s on Raw, and I doubt they even crack that the day after SummerSlam.

  • Ralph Ramos

    TNA and WWE. What are you gonna do about it?