Monday’s Raw Viewership Down from Previous Week

Monday’s Raw episode averaged 3.886 million viewers, which is down from last week’s average of 3.936 million viewers. The show did 3.801 million viewers the first hour, 3.903 million the second, and 3.953 million for the final third hour.

We are still waiting on the final Raw rating.

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  • erp1000

    cm punk not doing nothing that why

  • Travelers2013

    Very simple formula. The debut of NFL Monday Night Football…added to the fact that RAW seemed to concede the viewership to ESPN…cause they didn’t have any matches noteworthy to make people watch.

  • Robert Robear Gallegos

    Plus what happened to Lesnar.. it seems the fans like seeing him. but yes, Punk hasn’t been very active. So it will be a test to see what they do now that NFL is active again in the regular season.

    • jonathan

      lesnar does not work a full time schedule per his contract. he only works so many dates.

  • raul cruz

    This is a good example of why they shouldn’t spend so much time building up part time guys. What happens when they’re not around? People stop watching. WWE needs to build up the guys that are there week in and week out.

  • jonathan

    this will be an on going issue with nfl especially when they have a lot of hype between the teams.