Monday’s Raw Viewership Numbers, Orton Re-Tweets on Punt Kick


– Randy Orton Re-Tweeted the following on Twitter earlier today:

“@randyorton so @WWE ban your punt kick but let @VivaDelRio kick people in the head? whats the difference? Bring back the Punt Kick!!!!!”

– Monday’s Raw episode averaged 4,154,000 viewers. 4,027,000 the first hour, 4,263,000 the second, and 4,172,000 viewers the final third hour. The final rating should be out shortly.

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  1. no one would stop you randy if you havent giving 3 people concussions. del rios kicks were weak.

    i think he should be agrueing why yoshi tatsu can kick people in head considering besides khalis chop tatsu’s kick is said to be the most hard hitting move in wwe.


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