Morality Clause In WWE Contracts, Backstage News on Big E, Rey


– It’s been noted how John Cena is Big E Langston’s biggest supporter within WWE. With Cena back from injury already, look for Langston to be featured on WWE TV more. This goes with what was reported in our SmackDown spoilers this week.

– All new WWE contracts reportedly have a morality clause in them. Basically, if a talent has inappropriate photos or videos that can be found online or in print, they will not be signed. They have to sign a deal saying that no such material exists and if it happens to be found, not only will they not be hired but will be blacklisted from the company.

– WWE is currently working on a Rey Mysterio DVD to be released in 2014.

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  1. That leaves open the question of what is considered “inappropriate”.

    With WWE PG-era, having nude pictures is one thing that doesn’t fit the PG era.

    I wonder if inappropriate covers pictures that damage potential characters they have in mind for creative.

    Hooray for vague terms I guess.

    • Mickie James has porn that’s one step from penetration. If that dude would have lost his balance, it would have been XXX. lol


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