More Backstage News on CM Punk and His Meeting with Vince McMahon


– While CM Punk is still being advertised for Elimination Chamber and may appear on some other advertisements for upcoming live events, word is that he will eventually be pulled from those as well. In the last week, two different people with knowledge of Punk’s situation have noted that he was “as good as gone” from WWE when his deal expired in July and one person said they didn’t expect him to even last until July.

Regarding Punk talking to Vince McMahon at RAW before he went home, word now is that Punk didn’t see Vince until 7:30pm. Earlier reports said that Vince had the creative team start re-writing RAW just after 6pm when he found out Punk was leaving. The reason the Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio match on RAW went so long is because it came during the period that was laid out for Punk’s segment and the match had to go a second segment to cover the time.

There has been a working assumption within WWE creative for several weeks that Punk was leaving in July and would not sign a new deal. Sheamus will be replacing Punk at all SmackDown tapings where Punk was largely advertised as the main star.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. He’s pulling a “Sting”…holding out for more money. And if he doesn’t re-sign, “sports entertainment” will continue without him.

    • Losing CM Punk would be a BIG blow to WWE. Sure, sports entertainment will go on with or without him… but he has very legitimate gripes. He’s one of the very hardest and best workers in the company, and Punk’s voice is heard loud and clear, and respected from where I sit.

      • You must be sitting on a toilet then, cause all I hear loud and clear, is a guy who thinks he’s better than not just the WWE, but the entire business itself. Remember, he didn’t walk out on the WWE, he walked out on you, and all the rest of his fans who paid hard earned money to see him or to buy his shirts. “Well we might see him in TNA” everyone says. Think about it. If he has all these issues with WWE and it’s product and how it’s ran, you think the grass is greener over there? All the backstage issues with TNA, there’s no way in hell he’ll end up there. And what’s with this term all you Punk Marks keep spewing out, “legitimate gripes”? No of you know anything beyond what these dirt sheets say. None of you are part of creative.

          • well in a way he doesnt cause hes earned his respect but in the same time he owes everything to us

          • So that means he can’t ever do what he feels is right? That he must consult each and every fan before I makes a decision? Come on man…

        • Listen, Punk is smart. He doesn’t want to contribute to a product that makes decisions that will end up affecting his career. He’s making a statement, and it’s smart. He’s given nothing less than 110% to his fans, so I don’t feel he owes us anything. It’s a big bummer if he does leave WWE, but in the end, he has to do what’s best for himself, and you assholes need to respect that and stop being so selfish. By the way, YOU, Atari whore, are ALSO void of the creative team.

      • He’s not burnt out physically (more than likely) but he may be burnt out mentally with everything going on.

  2. Anyone else laugh at the idea of Sheamus being a Punk replacement? That’s like buying a ticket to see the Los Angeles Lakers and getting the Los Angeles D-Fenders instead. I mean sure you’re still technically seeing pro’s. Their is however a reason one roster is full of stars, and the other talent that will likely never make it.


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