More Backstage News on Eric Bischoff, Possible Appearance for Styles


– As noted, two TNA wrestlers will be appearing for The Great Muta’s Wrestle-1 promotion in Japan on November 16th. One of those wrestlers will likely be AJ Styles, continuing the storyline where he defends the World Heavyweight Title outside of TNA.

– We’ve been covering how Eric Bischoff was sent home and talents told he would be working from home, which means he’s out of the picture as TNA’s key creative force. Bischoff will likely be paid until his contract is up in or around February 2014. There was talk this is a way to get Bischoff out of the picture but he wasn’t let go due to his contract with the company still having time left on it. What’s notable about this is John Gaburick, TNA’s Executive Vice President of Television Production, was looking just a few weeks ago at bringing Bischoff back as on-air character.

A lot of people are very happy to see Bischoff go. It was noted that he was very negative with people and most people didn’t enjoy working for him. For a long time, because of his track record as the guy who created Nitro and the wrestling boom, he was thought of highly by Spike TV officials, both for that and also being a veteran of selling TV properties, meaning he knows that language and has credentials outside of wrestling. He had been TNA’s intermediary between them and Spike but the bloom of late has been off that rose as well.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. The only good thing Bichoff did for WCW was the NWO, everything else Ted Turner and a lot of blank checks.

  2. 1. Ted Turner “created Nitro.” Bischoff produced it.
    2. The nWo was not entirely a Bischoff thing.
    3. If Verne Gagne hadn’t used Bischoff in an emergency during an AWA taping, Bischoff would never have been in the business in the first place.


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