More Backstage News on Possible Plans for Batista’s Return


– PWInsider has confirmed earlier speculation that the most discussed scenario for Batista’s WWE return was to win the Royal Rumble and face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX.

They add there was also talk of Batista vs. The Undertaker in a WrestleMania 23 rematch.

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  1. No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO. Btista returning? Fine. Batista facing UNDERTAKER at WrestleMania? We’ve SEEN that. That’s the one thing about The Streak – fans have had enough of repeats. Especially after two in a row from WM 25-28. Even WWE didn’t want to mention how THE PHENOM had already beaten HHH at WM 17. Batista vs Lesnar? HELL yeah. Batista vs CM Punk? AWESOME. But for THE DEADMAN? Only one opponent TRULY makes sense… GOLDBRRG vs UNDERTAKER at WM XXX!!!

    • That’s a blockbuster, but if you want a truly legendary moment in wrestling history, only one opponent TRULY makes sense – Undertaker vs. The Icon Sting.

      While they are both past their physical prime, the buildup to this feud could be epic and include characters whose story lines are almost mirror images of each other over the last 20 years. Plus, facing a wrestler with the skill set of Sting would allow Taker to get through the match without having a serious injury.

      Fighting Goldberg? Think of WCW Starrcade ’99 and the mule kick that basically ended Bret Hart’s career…


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