More Backstage News on Sting Possibly Coming to WWE


– We’ve noted from multiple sources that WWE officials do not see signing Sting as a priority. While this is true, they do want him as a part of the company as they realize that Sting is sort of the last piece to WWE’s WCW puzzle. They also realize that there is lots of money to be made with Sting through t-shirts, action figures and other merchandise.

The latest word is that Sting may pop up at WrestleMania XXX, but not wrestle, and then wrestle 1 or 2 matches before being used as a special attraction. With WrestleMania 31 being held in California next year and Sting being a California guy, there’s potential for him to be a cornerstone for next year’s Hall of Fame class.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. I keep seeing “More On Sting Signing With WWE”, then you read “Sting still has not signed with WWE”. And he won’t…ever probably. If he does ever show his face there, it would be for a HOF (snicker) induction.

    • You’re the dumbest person on here…I swear to god? Yeah he’ll retire in TNA. A sinking ship is a GREAT place to make that last big payoff to retire with…Why do you even type nonsense like this. Sting is pretty much the face of WCW (more so than Flair, cuz Flair’s wcw run was less than stellar). There’s tons of money to be made and if anyone thinks Taker vs Lesnar will be a good match they’re an idiot. Taker vs Sting will be much better. Lesnar could actually (really) cripple taker while sting can at least have a match with him that makes sense. Shirts. dvds, toys… No WAY Sting would want a piece of that action. NO WAY…moron.

  2. I Would Be Suprised To See Sting Sign A Contract With The WWE (As A Wrestler), A Place Where Comedy Skits/Promo’s Outweight The Importance Of Professional Wrestling.
    Don’t Get Me Wrong, A Stinger Vs. Undertaker Match Has Been A Dream Match For Many Wrestling Fans But Remember … The Undertaker Is Past His Prime – Physically. Sting Isn’t In His Prime Either But He Can Still Wrestle A Match Without The Need Of Taking A Year Off To Nurse His Body So He Can Wrestle A Match Or Two Next Year At Wrestlemania. Undertaker Is Currently Wrestling When There Is A Huge Payday For Him.

  3. What if Sting purposefully caused Undertaker to lose his streak? Would that be a better build up to next year’s mania? Finally getting the streak out of the way with so it could be an icon vs icon match and not yet ANOTHER streak vs career match. Enough if this crap, let lesnar end the streak already. It’s a pissed on streak anyways get it out of the way with. The guys gonna be 70 and wheel-charing down the ramp to (unbelievably) beat a 35 year old in 10 years from now!? …Just to keep it going. Urgh! …I’d love for Sting and Taker to cat and mouse it until mania next year. Like when Sting was against hogan, it was like year before they finally faced off. Imagine Sting going into the HOF and after his speech the lights go off and takers on stage beating the crap out of him lol…Security trying to help sting while Hbk and trips rush the stage to pull taker back… they could do so much with this angle but they’ll be lazy and just set it all up next year in FEB…as usual.

  4. Just bring the former WCW/TNA star to the WWE and we will see what happens. I am ready to see Sting in WWE once and for all, whether GM of Raw or WrestleMania, just bring in Sting. 10 years too long, let him retire in WWE, since they have the rights to WCW/NWA video library.


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