More Backstage Notes From The Leaked RAW Script


As noted earlier, the script for Monday’s RAW has leaked online, and you can see it below. A few additional notes besides those already posted:

* Brock Lesnar and The New Age Outlaws have been “moved” to the miscellaneous portion of the roster, which is where CM Punk and other occasional/inactive talent is. Lesnar is taking time off while The New Age Outlaws are done on WWE TV for now as we reported earlier.

* Sami Zayn is listed as an available babyface. As previously noted, Zayn is the only known NXT talent attending the Saudi Arabia tour this week.

* CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and AJ Lee were all listed under the Miscellaneous category of talent as “INJ – TBD,” in other words “Injured – To Be Determined.” That shows that they are holding out hope to get CM Punk back eventually.

* Christian and Alberto Del Rio are also listed as “INJ – TBD” like Punk, Mysterio and AJ were as noted.

* The Miz and Summer Rae had the night off due to the movies they are filming and Khali was given the night off.

* It seems like an odd classification for Punk considering that he’s not injured and instead walked out of the company, though to be fair there probably isn’t anywhere else to put him. It’s interesting that he’s even still being listed on the script though.

Here are 18 photos of this week’s WWE RAW script that have leaked online:

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