More Backstage Talk About Retirement for Christian, Possible Role


– As noted, Christian suffered a minor concussion on Monday’s RAW in the Fatal 4 Way with Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. This is Christian’s second concussion within a one year period.

Even before this second concussion, there had been a lot of talk about his active in-ring career coming to an end. Talk started months ago that when Christian’s current contract expires he would probably retire because he was 40, had been getting injured and creative had no real plans for him.

Those stories of him retiring surfaced again this week with the idea that Christian would make a great NXT trainer.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Lay off Fast Eddie. He’s found a new bright spot on the TNA roster, and it’s not like he’s saying anything that’s not true. SAMUEL SHAW IS A CREEPY BASTARD!
    Twitter = @Best4BizWWE

  2. are you guys kidding me??, yea sure he’s injury prone, but wwe is makin this guy becomin less and less useful, don’t you get it??, it’s the same thing they’ve been doin to dolph, i happen to think christian is great talent, regardless of his age, he deserves a real shot at the title or a championship in general, that’s what all this “change of attitude” is about, yea sure he goes back to tna, then what??, he’ll stay healthy cause he doesn’t wrestle that much often, but samoa joe, bobby rude, austin aries, has that show all sowed up, not to mention kurt angle, and new comer EC3, he wouldn’t get any real tv time there, i’m sick of wwe doin that to ppl, let the man shine, that’s what he came back for

  3. Christian and Ziggler – wtf is with all these concussions? Jesus…guys didn’t even take breaks in the classic wff period and these guys now are getting messed up all the time. This is what happens when wrestling goes and entertainment steps in…this ain’t ufc people no need to see THESE GUYS get hurt…


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