More Details On Alicia Fox’s Altercation with Ronda Rousey’s Husband Over ‘Mania Weekend, How WWE Reacted


As we noted during WrestleMania weekend, WWE star Alicia Fox was involved in some type of verbal altercation with Travis Browne, the husband of WWE star Ronda Rousey.

We noted that the altercation took place at a bar in New Orleans, and video footage surfaced showing Fox calling Browne “rude”, before storming off.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has since provided more details on the altercation, which reportedly began much sooner than when the video footage took place.

The report notes that at around 12:30am on Saturday night, Alicia Fox got into some kind of confrontation with someone who was with Travis Browne’s group, however the issue died down and no one thought much of the matter. Two hours later, at around 2:30am, Fox and Browne ended up in the same bar once again, and that is when Fox approached Browne, confronted him, and began yelling at him. Browne was reportedly caught completely off-guard by the situation, which was eventually diffused.

Following the incident, WWE was said to be very unhappy with Fox, and Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this week that officials instructed Fox not to come to the WrestleMania building on Sunday since she would not be competing in the Women’s Battle Royal match.