More Details on The Carters Trying to Sell TNA

Editor of the Fighting Spirit Magazine Brian Elliott spoke with WrestlingNewsSource about the news of TNA being sold by The Carter Family.

Elliott reveals that the Carters have been trying to sell the company for some time and mentioned that they are open to selling it to just a handful of people rather then making the sale public. Here is an excerpt from their story:

“The Carter family has been open to receiving offers for TNA for several months. There are a select number of business people on the inside to whom this has been made clear. You have to understand that it’s not like the company is going to be listed on eBay; keeping the fact that they are open to selling TNA to a small number of potentially interested parties keeps the price that the Carters can get for it at a much higher level than if they went public that the company was for sale. If someone does make a bid, that information will then be leaked in certain quarters, in the hope of starting a bidding war that would raise the price further. Like with Fusient Media’s attempted purchase of WCW, if someone comes in with a bid, we’ll soon know about it.”

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  • Mike Arienti

    Wonder if it’s worth much…

  • Alex Musso

    The timeslot on Spike alone may be worth the purchase. If a new leader were to pull the show for a month, maybe take it through bankruptcy and shed all the contracts to start negotiating new deals with everyone, TNA could be very profitable.

  • Phantom90

    Rick Harrison thinks TNA is worth $5,000 dollars.

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    I’m sure it’s a storyline of some sort. Panda Energy did waste money buying TNA to begin with an I guess Roger wants to cut his losses,.

  • The huntress in the night

    It should be on ebay, its worth so little after carter bought out Jarett.

  • Dan Iacovelli

    that article reminds me what is going on with safeway and dominicks in il (selling off stores to other companies)


    ladies and gentlemen we have another company that will probably be owned by the WWE

  • Joshua Nixon

    Im not sure but if TNA is being shopped around I wonder who might be interested in buying it. Eric Bischoff, McMahons, or an outside player we dont know about? To say WWE is not interested in any TNA talent to me is a lie. Who would want to pass up on Aries, Roode, Kazarian, Styles, Abyss(who would work well with the Wyatt Family), Samoa Joe, Magnus, and Gunner? Plus WWE is looking to start up its own crusierweight show when it launches its own network in 2014? Chris Sabin, Manik, Kenny King could contribute to a show like that cuz Sin Cara isnt going to cut it at all. With that said its going to be interesting to see how the fate of TNA plays out.

    • Mr. Baker

      to answer your question WWE would…If they dont look good in HHH’s eyes , they wont sign em…gimmicks aside, he IS talent relations


    The Carters need to go…. The best thing that could ever happen to tna is if it was sold to Eric Bishoff.