More Information Regarding The Undertaker’s Return Last Night


Most view the Undertaker’s appearance as confirmation that Undertaker will be competing at WrestleMania however that is not necessarily the case. According to a source the Undertaker was possibly “testing the waters” to see if he could actually work a quality match at WrestleMania however with that being said the Undertaker does expect to work the WrestleMania event.

PWInsider reported last October about the hip replacement Undertaker had undergone several years ago and that it was badly damaged during his match with Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania. The Undertaker reportedly is such bad shape last fall that he declined seeing specialists in New York, while having the WWE send doctors to his home in Texas. The Wrestling Observer also reported the Undertaker having major shoulder and hip surgery over the past year. The Undertaker reportedly couldn’t work his upper body because of shoulder rehab, and couldn’t do any lower body because of the hip rehab. It’s also being reported the Undertaker didn’t want to return and have a mediocre match, and only wanted to come back if he could give a good performance.


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  1. I respect the fact that the Undertaker still wants to put on one helluva show even though he doesn’t wrestle full time but I think he should hang it up before he can’t walk at all. His body is just battered and bruised too much.

  2. I agree completely Lee.

    I’d rather leave at 29-0 and live a 75% pain free life than have a Gerontologist indefinitely questioning my biological, psychological, and sociological status

  3. In the long run it might not even by worth it for the Undertaker to have a WM match this year. I do not want him to go out like how Hogan and Flair have.

  4. I have watched the Undertaker through his whole run with WWE and even before that. I respect the fact that the man does not want to work Wrestlemania unless he can put on a quality match. I would expect no less from a legend like him. I would honestly much rather have him keep the streak at 20-0 and just call it a day. The man has nothing to be ashamed of and I would rather see the streak remain a thing of legend then to see the Undertaker come out and put on a Mid card quality match just so that he can get a huge pay day for doing Wrestlemania. Unlike most wrestlers I would say that Mark has taken good care of his money and he should just enjoy the fact that he is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and enjoy a decent quality of life. As much as I would love to see another Undertaker Wrestlemania match as a fan, I have seen how hard the man pushes himself in those matches and I would much rather have him walk out with his hand held high and still have a fairly decent quality of life for his remaining years then for him to break his body down even further and a few years from now be one of those old guys that can barely walk to the ring anymore but still shows up because someone is willing to pay him big money because of who he used to be.

    20-0 was a great place to stop. It was fitting. it was the end of an era. I have been watching wrestling for close to 30 years now and I have noticed that in this day and age the word Legend gets thrown around a lot, but that very few people are actually worthy of the title. The Undertaker is one of the few true legends of the last 20 years and I would like to remember him as the man that made me recall why I became a wrestling fan. Not as some guy who can barely get out of his bed in the morning because he thought he could work just one more match to continue the streak.

  5. If Taker can get through this then I say build your body up for a final match at Wrestlemania 30 against the biggest opponent you can find. Taker could put someone deserving over at Wrestlemania 30 or just keep the streak and retire.

  6. he loves the business and the business is his life..the wwe will always take care of him.. for his health he shouldnt do it, but for his love for the business he will do it..


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