More On Aleister Black & Kevin Owens Not Going To Saudi Arabia


As first reported by John Pollock of Post Wrestling, WWE Superstar and former NXT Champion Aleister Black will not be working the upcoming Super Showdown event.

Dave Meltzer, in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is reporting that Black not being on the Saudi Arabia show is not the same situation as a Kevin Owens or Daniel Bryan, who have been chosen not to attend for moral reasons.

While it’s not clear whether the call was made by WWE officials or someone on the Saudi Arabian end, one way or another it was decided that Black would not be used, as some of his many, many tattoos are apparently “religious in nature”.

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Meltzer also noted that Owens was asked by his family not to perform at the upcoming event, and an obvious connection can be drawn between him not attending, and his real-life best friend Sami Zayn not being allowed on the show due to his Syrian heritage.

Owens reportedly approached WWE officials and asked to be taken off the show, and that he was never asked for a reason and there is currently no heat internally on him for making that decision.