More News on CM Punk Being Done with WWE, No Serious Talks

– Going into Monday’s RAW from Chicago, there have been hardly any real discussions between CM Punk and WWE officials. We noted last night that there’s a feeling within WWE that he’s done with wrestling.

It was made clear on Monday that Punk was not coming to RAW and it was made clear that as far as he’s concerned, he’s done with pro wrestling.

Whether that means he’s done for now, for a year or until his WWE contract expires, nobody knows and if they’re close to Punk and they do know what he’s planning for the future, they’re not talking.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Likely Just Me But I Was Getting Punked’ Out … Similiar To The “Prime” Triple H Days And Even Trips Today, Way Too Much Time On Television, Including His Matches. It’s Nice Getting A Break From CM Punk Being On Television What Appeared To Be 24/7.

    • allan

      mabye in 2011 and till mania 2012, but he wasnt even on that much if he was he was on as much as any other talent… what a weird thing to complain about.