More News On The Low Attendance For WWE Stomping Grounds


More news has been made available regarding the poor attendance for WWE Stomping Grounds last night, with WWE failing to sell out the show.

Despite the fact that The Tacamo Dome can hole around 18,000 people after production, WWE failed to bring in even half of the possible number to last nights show.

DEFY Wrestling’s Matt Farmer noted on Twitter that there were around 6,000 fans in attendance, with a lot of the arena being tarped off. This is one of the smallest WWE PPV crowds in a long time, with a lot of the tickets being comped or bought on 2 for 1 deal.

Dave Meltzer noted that the actual paid attendance was a poor 4,000-4,500 fans, which highlights just how low the actual interest was.

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However, it is worth noting that even though the attendance was poor, WWE did a good job of making it appear full on TV, whilst the fans in the building were loud throughout the night.