More News on The Rock Skipping Raw & His Injuries


As noted earlier, The Rock suffered a hernia during Wrestlemania 29 and was unable to attend last night’s Raw event.

According to sources, The Rock flew himself back to Miami to be examined quietly without notice. Rock informed WWE around 3PM that he was unable to attend the event, which led to WWE’s chaotic rewriting of the show.

A lot of people were upset initially about The Rock pulling off the show but now they seem to be more concern that he really might be hurt and the injury could conflict with his Hollywood schedule.

Major Concern That The Rock May Not Wrestle Again for WWE….


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  1. Jackassee, rock didn’t have to come back but he did. And he got hurt both times with cnea. The guy is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood now and he’s in horrible pain, respect . I’d be worried to he worked out so hard for that Hercules part. Too hard I’m guessing cause a hernia happens from weight training to hard


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