More on Barrett Being Re-packaged, Stephanie Acknowledges Shane, RVD

– Stephanie McMahon acknowledged her brother Shane McMahon in a Tweet on Tuesday. A fan asked her what would she do if Shane returned to WWE TV. She replied, “Depends.”

– Dolph Ziggler was originally scheduled to get beatdown by Randy Orton and then destroyed by The Shield in the ten-man match on the September 23rd RAW. Things were changed and that spot went to Rob Van Dam. WWE officials put RVD through this for not signing a new contract, according to The Wrestling Observer.

– As noted before, there has been talk of giving Wade Barrett a push and re-packaging him. Apparently officials are considering bringing him back to TV with his Badnews Barrett gimmick that can be seen on The JBL & Cole Show.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    What’s Barrett going to do, get drunk and clean pools now?

    • Carter Williams

      I really hope they do something with him soon. He’s got ability, he’s pretty good on the mic and he’s always had great heel heat as a snotty brit. I think a Barrett vs Ziggler program has the potential to be very entertaining if done right or maybe even Barrett vs Cody.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    will he use the ghettoblaster too? lol

  • Eric J. Robbins

    The RVD topic is totally false.

  • Ralph Ramos

    To the WWE: RVD says thanks a lot for having him get his ass kicked on the 23rd. Miz thanks you for not letting it be him for the 10th time. He says he still wants to have kids, and at this rate, that’s not gonna happen for him. And Dolph Ziggler also says thank you for sparing him an ass beating. And he says if this continues, he may no longer get a shot at the World Title. But at least he, too, might be able to reproduce someday.

  • Ralph Ramos

    Bad News Barrett. Real original. Like “The Matadores.” What? No Conquistadores? Maybe they can bring back Well Dunn. Or, better yet, Flash Funk. This is going a little off the subject, but my personal favorite name for a jobber is George South. That’s the equivalent of Glass Joe on Mike Tyson’s Punch out.

  • Charles Irving

    How many times are they going to try to push Barrett? Its not going to work the guy sucks.