More on Bully Ray’s Fan Altercation at Impact Tapings


As noted last week, Bully Ray got into an altercation with a fan at last Thursday’s Impact Wrestling tapings from Chicago, Illinois. While Aces & Eights was leaving the ringside area through the crowd, Bully got into a fan’s face and unleashed the following:

“Sit down, faggot. Yeah… What are you gonna do? You ain’t gonna do a damn thing. You got punked in your own frickin’ town. I’m punkin’ you out in front of your daughter. You got punked! You invented fags, you fag. You should’ve did something already, you should’ve did something already, but you ain’t doing nothing’. I’m punking you in front of your hometown. You frickin’ queer. You shave your frickin’ chest.”

Bully Ray and Dixie Carter tweeted about the incident apologizing for his conduct.

Bully Ray: “Made an inappropriate comment to a fan in Chicago. If anyone was offended by this…I do apologize. No harm was meant.”

Dixie Carter: “Heard @RealBully5150 made inappropriate comments to a fan in Chicago. This will not be tolerated. Sincere apologies on behalf of TNA.”


Source: PWTorch


    • That wasn’t in character the guy tried to hit him and bully doesn’t take s***. Look at all the videos on YouTube of punk calling people all kinds of s***. Fans or not they have no right to hit wrestlers

  1. This is why TNA will never be a real organization. They never have, they never will. Pathetic display by the guy who is supposed to be “The Man” of this organization. The minor league group that used to wrestle at the high school down the street has more cred with me than these idiots. Just a piss poor organization in class and credibility. Doing that in front of the daughter of this fan is unacceptable. Just classless. Dixie you want to be taken seriously and deal with the big boys, have Bubba lose the belt embarrassingly at your next show then mid entry card him for the next year+.


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