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– The latest TNA Podcast features Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme with guests Gunner and Bro-Mans:

– TNA is looking for volunteers to help the company during the Lockdown Fanfest on March 8th in Miami. Volunteers would work shifts between 8am and 3pm, assisting during the autograph sessions. Volunteers will be paid two tickets for the Lockdown pay-per-view. Contact [email protected] if you are interested.

– It was recently reported by The Wrestling Observer that Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett did not buy TNA because Bob Carter wanting Dixie Carter to be kept around behind-the-scenes and on TV as a character. For what it’s worth, PWInsider notes that they also heard the same story going around. It’s said that between Bob Carter and Janice Carter, Janice is more “dollar and cents” oriented while Bob is more about “living a dream.”

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  1. Jarrett should have accepted the offer, as like it or not Dixie is part of the continuity of TNA on camera and off. So instead of taking over ownership of a nationally televised promotion that is already in place, and that he helped form, Jarrett will have to round up investors from scratch to build an entirely new company from scratch. I don’t like his chances of success.

    • It depends on how long he would have been saddled with her. If these rumors are true, it’s clear daddy doesn’t want to make lil baby Dixie look like a failure, selling “her company” out from under her. So, since he would have required them to take her on for an extended period, they walked.

      Too bad daddy was protective of his baby girl.


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