More on MVP Using His WWE Name In TNA, New #1 Contender, Angle


– Kurt Angle’s wife noted on Twitter that Kurt has just landed a role in a NBC film called Losin’ It.

– Samoa Joe became the new #1 contender to Magnus’ TNA World Heavyweight title last night.

– As seen on last night’s Impact Wrestling, former WWE star MVP is the new investor in TNA. He is able to use the name MVP because he created it but likely won’t be able to use the name Montel Vontavious Porter, which WWE created.

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  1. Investor in TNA? Why didn’t he just throw all that cash into a toilet and flush?? It will last longer swirling around the bowl then it will in TNA.

    • ok besides you wwe marks who knock anytime which isnt wwe. thanks for that btw cause there shouldnt only be one wrestling company…. not

      anyways besides that tna does fine dude, spike likes the rating and theonly reason they cant pay some guys as much is because they never were able to panda energy paid for it all.

      • It was a joke man, nothing serious. I wish TNA did do better but what they have going on now its not going to get any better they need to clean house and start over.

      • I rather have seen sam decero from windy city pro wrestling be the investor, we’ll see how mvp goes for this story line wise.

      • If you say he’s entertaining it must be true, I retract all my former comment in the past.. Yes that was sarcasm

        • everyone has there own views dude, but i hardly think a former wwe and njpw star is worse then tito ortiz. considering mvp has mic and ring skills i honestly dont know why u hate on him so much most marks like u dont mind him

          • I love how people put words like “hate” when clearly I never said it. But yea I do hate the loser


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