More on Punk Leaving WWE, Heyman Responds to WWE Issuing a Fine to Lesnar


– Paul Heyman tweeted the following in response to WWE issuing Brock Lesnar a $10,000 fine for roughing up a referee at the Royal Rumble:

“I have personally paid @WWE’s $10,000 fine on behalf of my client @BrockLesnar”

“My client @BrockLesnar offers no apologies to @WWE, has no remorse and can pay $10,000 fines every day.”

“My client @BrockLesnar and I do not waive any rights nor remedies in regards to @WWE’s unconstitutional fine.”

– PWInsider reports that WWE sources indicate CM Punk quitting WWE had nothing to do with Batista personally and it wasn’t Batista that caused the decision. It was more a collection of issues including being burnt out, injuries, a difference in what WWE saw as a big push for Punk and what he felt was one, specifically facing Triple H at WrestleMania XXX.

Tons of New Details on CM Punk Leaving WWE – Huge Backstage Argument Over a Concussion, Major Health Problems, Frustration Over Sting-Batista, More


  1. I don’t blame him, I’m a huge CM Punk fan but losing to The Rock twice then to Undertaker did a lot of harm to the character that I don’t think he ever was allowed to bounce back from. Sure he beat Brock, and The Shield in 3 on 1 matches but those were no where near as big or important matches. He was stuck with the crappy spinner belt for over a year even talking about wanting to change the belt, then the Rock wins it and changes the belt in one day which in a lot of ways stands out more in people’s memories than Punk having the title for over a year. I’m a big fan of the New Age Outlaws and I’m happy to see them back, but with them as champs, Orton as a champ and Batista main eventing WM for the title… it looks like its becoming the age of Triple H’s friends.

  2. Man, f*** The Authority! They’ve been screwing all their best guys like crazy. The WWE is now BBW, Broke Back Wrestling.
    First Dolph Ziggler. Then CM Punk. Then Daniel Bryan. WTF! F*** these guys! I’m not ordering Elimination Chamber, The WWE Network, or Wrestlemania!

    • as much as i dont like him dont forget ryder he was huge for awhile, also i believe wwe is responsible for the fail of wade barrett.

    • I really hope that Phil Brooks aka CM Punk is done with WWE. He is an arrogant ass in real life and his antics towards the fans have widely been an embarrassment to the wwe and i think vince was tired of it. It was the same for when the ultimate warrior was in the wwf. And Vince was not going to have a repeat of warriors actions with Punk, and if he indeed is done, let him leave. It was HHH who convinced vince to induct warrior into wwe hof, cause Mcmahon never wanted anything more to deal with warrior when he left wwf all those years ago;

      • THANK YOU! I thought it was just me. The man has got away with murder. If anyone else in the world spoke to their company chairman the way he does, they’d be goneeeee.

        • Randy Orton has easily been 3-4 times as arrogant, and embarrassing to the company as claimed for Punk (who was simply living his angle), yet gets pushed to the skies regardless. Shall we recount the failed drug tests, or Orton leaving poop for his peers to find, his demands that nobody perform certain moves on him in the ring, etc, etc? Punk was buried this past year while being worn out to a frazzle. He saw the same thing happening to Bryan et al and spoke out about it. It’s the WWE that is getting away with murder, building yet ANOTHER Wrestlemania season around Cena, UT, and HHH or buddy (Batista) while failing to build other WM main eventers.

  3. lol 10,000 fine, the guy made 5 mil last year just by showing up 40 times, they could fine him an entire house and he would pay with a mall.


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