More on Reported Problems with Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman & Top Rope

– Here is the full statement from the Top Rope Wrestling promoters regarding Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman’s tweets from the weekend:

“There was no “scam,” and such an allegation, in a legal sense, is defamatory. Mr. Nash was paid $4,000 for his appearance, by check, mailed to him on Monday, April 8, funds cleared by the bank on Friday, April 12. Mr. Waltman was paid $1,200, in cash, the night of the show. He did not have to complain to get his payment. In fact, neither Nash nor Waltman complained to anybody in Top Rope management about pay the night of the show. They both checked in to the hotel that we had booked for them after the show, and we only became aware of their complaints regarding pay when we saw the tweets from the two this morning.

Both had travel and accommodations paid for by the promotion as well, as is standard. There was no agreement in place with talent to disburse any of those revenues to talent. For Mr. Nash and Mr. Waltman to suggest otherwise is untrue, and we feel is clearly intended to do harm to the reputation of Top Rope Pro Wrestling, not only in the sense of the allegations regarding pay and the “scam” comment, but also in the adjectives used by Mr. Nash calling one of our staffers a “scumbag” and “hick,” and as such constitutes actionable defamation on the part of Mr. Nash and Mr. Waltman.

Similar arrangements regarding the VIP Meet and Greet were in place with Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson and Mick Foley. Jake “The Snake” Roberts also did a VIP Meet and Greet, and we agreed with him ahead of time to give him half of the proceeds of that meet and greet to go toward his medical bills. Jake was paid $1,000 from the VIP ticket sales per our agreement.

It is telling that Mr. Waltman has taken down eight of the nine tweets related to the show, including the most inflammatory ones, about not getting paid and about “scams.” Perhaps he was given legal advice as to what constitutes slander and defamation and came to the realization that he had crossed the line and exposed himself to legal action.

We are considering all options to correct for the slanderous and defamatory statements made by Mr. Nash and Mr. Waltman and the damage to our reputation that has been done with these materially false messages being sent out to their hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and the additional coverage that has been given to their messages on various wrestling news websites.

We will also be in contact with the state commission that regulates pro wrestling in Virginia regarding the wrestling licenses of Mr. Nash and Mr. Waltman. It is our hope that we can prevent other promoters in Virginia, at the least, from being exposed to this kind of malicious treatment from these two performers in the future.”

It appears they resolved the problems as Kevin Nash tweeted the following:

“Top Rope Productions was not at fault .Marvin Ward working for the promotion lied and withheld payment due to me.”

Top Rope followed up with this:

“Kevin Nash has corrected the record regarding Top Rope Promotions on Twitter (@realkevinnash) with respect to payment issues at Night of the Superstars. We have been in contact with Kevin by email to thank him for clearing up what we both agreed was a misunderstanding.

“We look forward to being able to putting our focus on building upon what was a very successful house show at Night of the Superstars last night.”

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  • allan mccann

    I believe the company nash and Walkman are trash they just want boos money lol and 4000 to see Nash wrestler….

  • nash is a untalented bully and waltman does a spin kick and rubs his sack in guys faces and tears his anus doing so,that’s funny.they deserve it for destroying wcw.while waltman has some wrestling talent nash don’t.all nash does is b**** and hey OZ, how ddp is the one that saved your’best’friend scott hall and not you.hall’s had an alcohol problems forever and after wcw died and your in tna and scott’s doing’last call’ in a hotel room in st louis your drinkin a beer.what a great influence.just watched wm 11.great prematch interview!lol! you sucked then and you suck now. yeah your seven foot tall and could whoop my crippled ass all day at least…wait…my friend is tryin to kick heroin,time ti get my rig and shoot up in front of him,you friggin jagoff!!!

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    F*** all the payment/non-payment b.s…………biggest question should be why would any promoter pay a 7 foot one step away from a quadricep tear 54 year old guy $4,000 who hasn’t drawn money at his job as a professional wrestler since his WCW days?

  • JerrySaggs

    4,000 dollars?…… did this big bastard do? Work WrestleMania!!?…..